11 Jun 08

Cowart / Taylor Engagement

Barbara and Mark chose Jacob Myers park for their Engagement photos. A great local location, clean and a great view! Their Wedding is next week, we are excited for them!Check out their Photos
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3 May 08

Senior photos for Clint

This is a unique location located on the Stanislaus River. Tucked between the Sportsman Club and the Golf Club, its a local hangout for those hot summer days. It also makes a great location for some natural looking senior photos.Check out Clint’s Photos
20 Apr 08

Jill and Curtis

We had a great time Sunday evening at Knights Ferry. Yogi was one of the best behaved dogs we have ever photographed. I loved the candid shots we capured as Jill and Curtis danced. We are looking forward to your May Wedding! Check out their album online
27 Dec 07

Solomon - Stanton - Etc…

Once again Knights Ferry was a great place to take family photos! Although it was a little cold the photos turned out great. Tak a look for yourself. View the Album - Click Here
23 Dec 07

Family Portraits…

We had a great time this morning taking portraits in the the lovely home of Timothy and his family. View the Album - Click Here
21 Dec 07

Aaron and Sara

Aaron and Sara braved the cold December weather to come out to Knights Ferry for their engagement photos, however we ended up with a beautiful day. The green grass and the warm sun made some amazing images. Outdoor photos in December, who would have guessed… Check out their album online
11 Nov 07

Halloran Family @ Park

Our Friends Sean and Shelly Halloran asked us to take their photos for a family gift. They chose Jacob Myers Park - Although it rained all night and the wind blew all day, we were fortunate enough to have a perfect evening for photos. Fall is a great time for that family photo you keep putting off, there is still plenty of time to schedule your setting.. We have openings online –> View online Specials
10 Nov 07

Stewart Family (Knights Ferry)

The Stewarts chose to have their family photos in Knights Ferry, Tonya said the colors match her decor perfectly! Saturday seemed like it might rain all day, and did start sprinkling on the way out! But once we arrived the rain stopped and we got some great photos! Sadie their dog was one of the most behaved pets I’ve ever photographed. Thanks for asking us to be your Photographer!
5 Nov 07

Michael & Kristy (an Engagement in the Wine Country)

Michael and Kristy chose to have their engagement photos taken in Napa. We spent the afternoon exploring the different wineries, finding good locations for some photos. As you can see, the wine country is beautiful in the fall, the colors are amazing, and the weather was perfect. Congratulations Michael & Kristy on your engagement, we look forward to June!
22 Oct 07

Seth Rubio (Senior Photos)

Seth chose Knights Ferry for his Senior photos, as you can see they turned out very nicely. It was a perfect afternoon for photos, no wind and sunny! This location is perfect if you are tired of the old boring senior photos all of your friends have had taken. Congratulations Seth and the Class of 2008. If you are interested in securing your session, click here..
19 Oct 07


RJ@MC perfect day to have your photos on the field - all painted and ready to go! We hope you had a great game last night - Go Crusaders! These photos are in addition to the senior portraits we did previously at Knights Ferry. If you are a Senior and are into school sports, make sure to let us know - we will be glad to have 2 separate settings so we can give you a variety. don’t forget yearbook photos are due soon, but there is still time. If you are interested in securing your session, click here..
18 Oct 07

Elizabeth (Senior Photos)

We had a great time last night photographing Elizabeth for her Senior photo. She chose Jacob Myers Park because she loves the outdoors, and wanted a photo at sunset. She has a great idea to bring a few of her favorite chairs along, and the photos turned out amazing! Great job Elizabeth, your photos turned out wonderful! Time is running out to get your Senior Photos taken, If you are interested in securing your time, click here..
8 Oct 07

Christmas Cards (Get yours today)

Christmas is coming, time to take the family photo for your Christmas Cards. This year we have decided to include your Christmas Card in the package we offer online. We will be shooting over the next 3 weekends in Knights Ferry. If you are interested in securing your time, click here.. Space is limited, since we like to shoot only in the late afternoon. Your Photo Cards will be ready within 4 business days! Don’t miss out, the weather will soon be changing and most of our locations will be inaccessible!

7 Oct 07

Knights Ferry (The Sausers)

This weekend we photographed the Sausers up in Knights Ferry.

Knights Ferry offers a great location with many different background choices. The warm colors contrast well with blue jeans and complement fall colors. The best time to photograph at Knights Ferry is late afternoon till sunset. The park rangers close the park at sunset, so we try to finish up the session close to the parking lot. This location can be challenging due to the terrain, so if your step is a little uneven - this may not the best location. Photos at Knights Ferry often include a panoramic scene that includes the river.

30 Sep 07

Bridal Show

Today we had a little display booth at the Bridal Fair held at the Center Plaza in Modesto. This was a nice show, we met alot of new brides to be :) It’s always nice to have a place to meet all of the vendors whom can make your Wedding day a success under one roof! Of course there is always that fashion show, giving you some great ideas!

29 Sep 07

Senior Photos (Melanie Alvarez)

Our second senior of the day, once again Stanislaus State University worked well. A few years back we had a session with Melanie’s older sis Nicole at the same location! Melanie fit this session in between a weekend of Soccer Tournaments, what a trouper! We hope your team kicked some rear! Good luck this Senior Year…

29 Sep 07

Senior Photos (Holly Homan)

I can’t believe how fast time flies, my cousin Holly is now a senior! We took senior photos at Stanislaus State University on Saturday. The grounds at the college are a great setting, we just have to compete with all the other photographers that make this their "home" :)..

19 Sep 07

Senior Photos (Justin Skiles)

Senior Portrait time is here again.. Today we shot Justin Skiles at Jacob Myers Park in Riverbank. This park is a great location for that natural look and feel. Weekdays are the best, there is no one there, weekends are pretty busy at the park. The best time for your setting at this location, is one hour before sunset. Turnaround time for seniors is less than 24 hours, so you still have time to get your portraits! Don’t settle for that "School" setting, packages start at under $200, so sign up today..

12 Jul 07

A Night to Remember

The Redwood Family Center

September 15, 2007 will be A Night to Remember.. It is the annual fundraiser for Interfaith Ministries Redwood Center. A home for recovering women. This home cares for approximately 75 individuals and their children as they begin their road to recovery through faith based programs and devotionals. We donate photographs for the fundraiser each year and here are a few of the families that have been saved through the work that is being done..

See some Photos Here

Redwood Center Web site

4 Jul 07

Wedding Albums

Your Wedding Album is a cherished family heirloom, and we intend to make it everything you dream it to be.. Many brides are asking for a "coffee table book" or "Magazine Style" album, so we thought we would post a few of the albums for you to view. We of course still have the classic albums everyone is used to, but this is a great addition to the wedding package! These books come both hardbound or soft cover; in leather, cloth or fiber. We choose the photos, and design you album - saving you the time and frustration of looking through hundreds or thousands of photos.. Call us today to discuss your wedding plans! 209.613.3099

Links to Albums

Brendaly & Sal
Dana & Nathaniel
Megan & Brent
Harvest & Carlos
Dana & Richard
Jamie & Rick

30 Jun 07

Nate & Dana

We had the honor of photographing Dana Beachler and Nathaniel Dabney On June 30, 2007.. They were married at a very scenic spot on the Stanislaus River called Majestic Oaks. Dana and her friends did an amazing job on all of the details of the wedding, from the handmade flags to the jewels in the flowers, it was really a special day! By the way, the cake was the best I have had at a wedding (aside from my own - of course)
See some Photos Here

30 Jun 07

Bob & Tonette

Today we spent the morning photographing the wedding of Tonette and Bob. They were married at the Seasons on McHenry in Modesto. I had no idea that the Seasons had so many rooms! I love to photograph weddings where family is So Important, and Bob & Tonette have a loving and connected family!

Tonette and Bob, I will never forget your wedding! The only wedding I have done at home plate..

Thanks for having us Photograph your Special Day!

28 Jun 07

Time Lapse Photography

We are proud to announce our new TimeLapse photography system. Designed to capture in full 35mm film quality your construction project from the ground up. Using 10.2 MPixel cameras, we collect images on a timed schedule to create a timelapse HD video of your project. Images are posted realtime to our project server, allowing you to check in on your project at any time. We also keep an updated video loop of the progress as seen in a time lapse.


See the Gallery here

21 Jun 07

Studio photos of a cute little boy….

Today we had fun in the studio taken Braden’s Photos. With the way he handled the baseball, I bet he will be playing for the A’s in no time :) What a cute little boy..

We look forward to taking some photos by the river tonight!

Braden’s Photos –> http://www.tcobrien.com/herline

18 Jun 07

My niece was born today…

Today my little sister Bridget and her husband Joey, gave birth to their second child. Baby Elle Emma Hartless, weighing in at 7lbs and 9ounces was born at Memorial Hospital early this morning. Her little brother Brien seemed excited about baby Elle finally coming out of mommy’s tummy :)

Congratulation little Sis, Joey and Brien too..

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11 Jun 07

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Today we spent time driving up to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. This is type of place you think of when talking about light houses. Located out on a point over looking the Pacific Ocean. There is a Hostel House located on the property, and always plenty of people staying there. There is a nice stairway down to the ocean, and amazing views of the sunset. Tomorrow we will head to Point Lobos, the stomping grounds of Adams and Weston..

See the photos here..

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10 Jun 07

Pratt Family in Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove was perfect today! After enjoying the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a family dinner the Pratt’s came down to the beach for some family photos at sunset. The kids seem to have fun even though the photographer was kinda crazy making all of those noises :)

Take a look at some of the favorites of the evening –> http://www.tcobrien.com/pratt

10 Jun 07

Friends & Photos



My wife Lisa and our friend Jenny took a couple of photos since the beach was so nice yesterday.  I love taking photos of friends, not enough people take the time to have photos with friends. Twenty years from now you I know they will cherish the photos! Remember to take the time to preserve your memories, even if it is just a snapshot! We hope to get some great landscape photos today. Monterey is a perfect place to go to escape the summer heat of the valley, not to mention all of the allergies :)

9 Jun 07

Ashley’s Dance Recital

My daughter Ashley performed in her third recital last night, she did amazing. Mom and Dad are so proud of her!  Juline School of Dance always has an amazing show with over 500 performers on stage at Mancini Bowl in Modesto…
9 Jun 07

Web Site Update

We have just finished updating our website.. Now contains reservation forms for photo session for all of our photography. Stop by and check it out http://www.tcobrien.com/

4 Jun 07

Westfall Family

We had the joy of photographing the Westfall Family on Monday 6/4.. They have wonderful family, the river park was beautiful and the weather was perfect! See the session here –> http://www.tcobrien.com/westfall
2 Jun 07

Knights Ferry Old Mill Door

Some do not consider photography art, merely a medium to record reality. I find that anytime I can capture a subject and communicate not what the image is of, but what it can be; is when my photography becomes art. I strive to capture all of my subjects with the vision of what is possible.
“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” …. Aristotle
12 May 07

Wagner-Frances Wedding

A beautiful Wedding at the Reatta in Oakdale.  Jamie and Rick exchanged vows on May 12th at the Reatta a beautiful place for a ceremony in the town of Oakdale.

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